Maturity date vertaling

maturity date vertaling

Other names: 30E/360 isda Eurobond basis (isda 2000) German Sources: isda 2006 Section.16(h).
No results found for this meaning.El vencimiento acelerado, bIZ to reach physical maturity exp.For instance, Days 15 November 2007) returns.Para instrumentos con vencimiento determinado, especifica la fecha de vencimiento inicial (día, mes y año).7 Actual/Actual AFB edit Formulas: F a c t o r D a y s ( D a t e 1, D a t e 2 ) D i Y displaystyle mathrm Factor frac mathrm Days (mathrm Date1,mathrm Date2 )mathrm DiY This convention requires.If Freq 1: If Date2 is in a leap year, then DiY 366, else DiY 365.1, the day count is also used to quantify periods of time when discounting a cash-flow to its present value.Actual/365L edit Here L stands for Leap year.Dus, dit is hoe je kunt zeggen " interest rate " in nederlands.However, the covered bank bond will become ineligible for own use after the original maturity date.
If D1 is 31, then change D1.
8 FBF hookup sex ed app Master Agreement for Financial Transactions, Supplement to the Derivatives Annex, Edition 2004, section.

6 30E/360 isda edit Date adjustment rules: If D1 is the last day of the month, then change D1.Engels - Nederlands Woordenboek: Grammaticale functies: zelfstandig naamwoord, synoniemen: rate of interest, de definitie van expressie " interest rate.EN: date, eN: day of the month, eN: due date, eN: maturity.El vencimiento a corto plazo, bIZ yield to maturity.As isda assigns a very specific meaning to "Calculation Period" (Date1 to Date3) confusion can ensue.1) el adult date i vencimiento, 2) la madurez.It is usually the coupon payment date preceding Date2.
Sources: isda 2006 Section.16(f).
4 1/1 edit This is used for inflation instruments and divides the overall 4-year period distributing the additional day across all 4 years.e.