She is looking for him to have sex

she is looking for him to have sex

You always (change) your will.
Kate: She (not to change) a bit.
You (to know) her?
I can barely get a whole sentence out of my mouth.But this week he (work) in a factory in the opposite direction, so I (queue) like you.They cut the gas off because.You may catch it, if you hurry up,.I'm taking my exams.My brother works as an engineer at a plant.(do you know where it is now?).The new petrol station will have been completed by winter.

I'll join you when I (to drink) bauer sucht Frau ursula and ralf my tea.We must finish the work by tomorrow.The bed was not slept in.Tom isn't playing football this season.She (to teach) at our school for twenty years now.Bicycles must not be left in the hall.I (to live).That (sound) like a bunch of nonsense.When we (to be) children, we often (to play) together.
It turned out that her sister (to forget) to give her our message, and Ann (to leave) the house fifteen minutes before we (to come).